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Gombe Stream National Park

Destination Details

  • Title : Gombe Stream National Park
  • Category : Nothern Circuit
  • Area : 35 km²
  • Location : Kigoma Region
  • Activities : Chimpanzee trekking
    Walking safari
    Cultural tour


The Gombe National Park, which covers a territory of just 52 sq km, making it the smallest park in Tanzania Destinations, is situated in south-western Tanzania, on the shores of Africa’s most profound and longest freshwater lake, Tanganyika. The mountains of Gombe, canvassed in backwoods, rise steeply in folds and valleys legitimately from the beautiful sandy lake shore.

Gombe National Park, a delicate piece of chimpanzee territory straddling the lofty slants and stream valleys that stitches in the sandy northern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Its chimpanzees – habituated to human visitors – were made well known by the spearheading work of Jane Goodall, who in 1960 established a conduct research program that presently remains as the longest-running investigation of its sort on the planet. The authority Fifi, the last enduring individual from the first network, just three years of age when Good all first set foot in Gombe, is still commonly observed by visitors during their Tanzania Safari tours.

The excellence of Gombe National Park is remarkable – it is a park without streets, where you can walk and experience nature with every one of your faculties, in its immaculate way. Park’s vegetation fluctuates from evergreen backwoods of tall trees to open forests and field.

Scope of destination


The Park contains a diverse resident population of herbivores, primates and predators including black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, leopards, hyenas, waterbucks, warthogs and a wide range of antelope species. No lions in the park although you can see leopards if you are lucky.
If you wish to walk on the Mount Meru (4566 m) sector of the park through a variety of landscapes, plains, forest moorlands, and a lava desert, it is compulsory to be accompanied by an armed game warden because the wild animals. From the summit of Mount Meru you will have an impressive view of the crater and of the eruption cone 3000 meters below .
Arusha National Park is famous for its 400 species of bird life, both migrant and resident such as red sharks, hamerkops, spurwinged gooses, herons, woodpeckers, grey parrots, secretary birds and many more. The Momela Lakes offer plenty of bird watching opportunities.

When to Visit

Gombe has a wonderful, moderately cloudless dry season (May to October) and a damp, stormy wet season (November to April). A standout amongst the best things about the drier months is the absence of cold evenings. The coolest it gets is around 15°C/59°F, which isn’t awful. A ton of water can get dumped on the park when the downpours come, however, these normally arrive late in the day and don’t keep going long.