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We Are Lost in Africa Safaris

We offer magnificent wildlife safaris, Mountain treks, beach holidays as well as cultural experiences in Tanzania. Our country is arguably the most naturally beautiful in Africa.
It’s a place of natural splendor that also ranks high up in the list of the most naturally beautiful countries of the world. The Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, the Ngorongoro, Mahale Mountains, and zanzibar are but a few of what it has in store for you. It’s people who are among the most welcoming on earth add to the overall experience when visiting Tanzania.

Our experienced team has a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the wildlife, cultures, histories and geological site and all that the country has to offer. Let us be part of your Africa experience by planning your trip to Tanzania with us. We will share our knowledge and take you to places like the endless plains of the Serengeti for the great migration and its big cats, up the tallest free standing mountain in the world and the tallest in Africa (Mt Kilimanjaro), to the deepest point in the continent (Lake Tanganyika to see the chimps) or to the intoxicatingly beautiful and exotic spice island of Zanzibar to name a few. View itineraries