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Machame route

Machame route

Machame (“Whiskey”) Route

The Machame route is regarded as difficult, steep, and challenging with longer days.  This along with its short itinerary has led climbers and guides alike to nickname the route “the Whiskey route”. With the route being a difficult one, it is the best route for the experienced hikers and those who are challenge oriented.

With its difficulty left aside, Machame offer very beautiful scenes. With it you start you climb up the mountain from the south heading eastwards. It will take you to Shira plateau where different other routes meet up before taking you past Kilimanjaro’s southern ice fields (on the southern circuit path) and ultimately summiting from Barafu.

Machame route is normally paired with the Mweka route for climbing down (descending). The minimum number of days for this route is 6 days but doing it in 7 days will most likely ensure your success at summiting.

The route begins from the south, then heads east, traversing underneath Kilimanjaro’s southern ice field before summiting. The minimum number of days required for this route is six days, although seven days is recommended. Because it is one of the most popular Kilimanjaro route there is heavy traffic on this route.