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Marangu Route

Marangu Route

Marangu (“Coca Cola”) Route

This is also considered to be the easiest route up the mountain (hence the name Coca Cola route) because of its gradual slope. Being the oldest yet most established route, climbers using this route can have access to the A shaped dormitory huts for accommodations, (60 bunk beds at Mandara, 60 at kibo hut and 120 at Horombo hut respectively). In the sleeping huts, pillows and mattresses are provided but you still need your own sleeping bag. This A shaped huts offers shared halls which can be used for mess or dinning and shared washrooms (from flushing toilets at the lower huts “Mandara huts” to pit drop latrine style toilets in the Kibo Hut)

Although the minimum number of days required for this route is 5 days, due to acclimatization, it is quite difficult for climbers to successfully summit in just 5 days. Therefore climbers are advised to at least spend an extra day up the mountain to help with acclimatization and increase their chances for a successful summit. Samsara Expeditions recommends a 6 days climb as opposed to a 5 days climb for this route

The Marangu route is favored by many who have a few days to climb (5 days) and those who climb during the rainy season because of the Huts accommodation which are considered a luxury as compared to camping outside on the wet dump grounds. Other than that the route has scenic views limitations compared to the rest as both climbing up and down are done on the same path. traffic on this route is high because its used for both climbing up (ascending) and climbing down (descending).