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Safety measures

Safety measures

Uhuru Trails by AfricanMecca has carefully researched and personally experienced optimum strategies to conquer the highest mountain in Africa. Our objective is to take you safely to Uhuru Peak and to enable you enjoy your Tanzanian highlands trip to the highest stand-alone mountain in the world.

Uhuru Trails by AfricanMecca ensure that their experienced and trained altitude responder guides can recognize the potential danger of these symptoms and decide on appropriate action. Our guides are trained and highly experienced as first-aiders with specialized summit oxygen techniques.

Uhuru Trails do not use fear as an excuse to charge for flashy technological fixes on Kilimanjaro. There are several pieces of technical apparatus touted by some operators as safety requisites. Many of them sound more useful than they are, and in terms of cost-effectiveness can be worse than useless.

The best safety precaution you can take for your Kilimanjaro dream climb is to have time to become properly acclimatized to high altitude. If you have been unable to benefit from a preliminary practice tour of Mount Meru, you can still choose a route which allows you an extra day(s) to adjust.