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Zanzibar Dolphin Tour


Day 1 : Zanzibar Dolphin Tour

Depert from your Hotel at 9 Oclock.

The small yet picturesque fishing village of Kizimkazi, on the southern part of Zanzibar, is home to a 12th-century mosque which serves as a reminder of Islam’s long-standing relationship with East Africa. The fishing village is home to several schools of bottle-nosed and humpback dolphins. The shy mammals which are officially protected by the 420 km2 Menai Bay Conservation Area, are the main tourist attractions of the island. Get on a boat first thing in the morning riding on the turquoise waters when it is cool as the hot sun drives the dolphins deeper into the water making it difficult to spot them. And if conditions permit and you are lucky enough you will not only see but enjoy the sensation of swimming with a pod of dolphins in their habitat and hear their sounds. The village offers immense historical and cultural reasons for visitation, besides the obvious natural ones.